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Marcus Cecil - Conscious Living Coach

Life coaching is an assisted reflective practice which can help you reach your full potential, whatever that may be. Coaching will gradually increase your level of self-awareness.

Becoming more aware of what’s happening in your life and why will help you make more informed decisions. Life coaching will awaken the power within you to focus your life on what's most important to you.


I am very successful in some areas of my life, and yet...

I feel


My life is


I overthink


I feel

I Limit Myself

I often feel


I experience

LACK of Clarity

I feel

The best is still to come

I am a life coach for people who feel a need for a significant shift in their lives. People who are very successful in some domain yet feel unfulfilled... who live a very rational life yet realize that listening to their emotions and embracing spirituality are essential to overall wellbeing... who never accept that the status quo is good enough. My approach is based on helping my clients raise their level of consciousness about thoughts, feelings, behaviours and limiting beliefs, to jointly produce a paradigm shift.

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Life coaching is my passion and a big part of what makes me happy. I started coaching as part of my leadership roles in multinational corporations, and gradually became a full-time coach. I fully understood the power of life coaching during my own journey of self-discovery. I realize now that, through coaching and by raising my own level of consciousness, I have transformed myself… several times. As a result, I understand my values, priorities and emotions better. While I fill my days with challenges, I live an easier and more fulfilled life now than I ever have before.

Raise your


Reach your

True potential



Find your


Follow your




Discover new

Paradigm & Behaviours

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Much of my life coaching focuses on helping clients become more aware of how they live their lives. See some of my tips for what I call conscious living.


There are probably as many definitions of life coaching as there are coaches. Read what I think coaching is all about, and what you will and won’t get from me.

Unsure about whether coaching is for you? Don’t worry… you’re not alone. Read on to make a more informed decision.

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"During my nearly decade-long career, I’ve met 100’s of coaches and got to mentor 10’s of them. Every now and then I come across someone who really stands out, in the sense that they possess the unique blend of intelligence, sensitivity, people skills, and raw coaching talent. Marcus is that coach. And I feel proud and privileged to call him both a client and a friend."

Michael Serwa
Coach for the Elite
Michael Serwa - Coach for the Elite

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