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See what my clients have to say about their results and the experience of working with me.

Franco Minotti
Tax Manager
Michael Serwa
Coach for the Elite

“Marcus continuously demonstrates what I would want in a leader. Further in his one on one interactions, his strong mentoring and coaching ability and natural EQ supported what I needed to do in the current role, whilst preparing me for future challenges professionally as well as personally.”

Daniel Parkinson
Transformation Driver/Program Manager

“A visionary leader is what comes to mind when I think of Marcus. I am impressed with Marcus’ leadership, motivating and encouraging teams through change. Marcus’ honest and professional nature will assure any client that takes him on as a coach!“

Rachel Morax
Manager Finance

“I had a pleasure to work with Marcus on several high risk, high exposure business and organization transformation projects. He has exceptional leadership skills, and is recognized for his cultural sensitivity demonstrated across three continents. I particularly value Marcus’ relentless focus on people development and improvement. He nurtured an impressive number of talents, whom I see continuing to progress through the ranks.”

Artur Zbikowski
Director Finance

“Marcus is a natural coach, whose coaching skills helped many people achieve difficult goals and find solutions for problems that at the first glance seemed to be unresolvable. His intelligence (also emotional one), ability to “join the dots” and his people skills guarantee that whomever works with Marcus or is coached by him will succeed.“

Lukasz Borowski
Reward Management Advisor

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Who IS This For?

Are you a corporate expatriate in a leadership role?

Are you highly competent in your area and have significant professional responsibilities?

Do you enjoy living abroad yet feel that you can’t make the most of the experience because work has taken over your life?

Do you feel stuck in a golden cage, not wanting to lose the benefits of being a corporate expatriate?

Do you realize life is going by and you don’t feel fulfilled?

Would you like to have time to dedicate to the people and activities that mean the most to you?

Would you like to continue with an affluent lifestyle, while also achieving more independence and more balance?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you are in the right place.

self-discovery journey

About Marcus

My Self-Discovery Journey

self-discovery journey

Hello, my name is Marcus.

My continued self-discovery journey has transformed who I am and how I perceive life. Sharing a bit about myself and my own journey will help you understand how I can help you.

I am Anglo Portuguese and currently live in Kraków, Poland. I am married, have 2 beautiful early-teenage children, and divide my time between Kraków, London and northern Portugal.

Growing up in Portugal with a strong connection to the United Kingdom, I lived in a multicultural environment that fostered my desire to get to know the world. When I finished studying, I worked in Portugal for some years and then moved to London. Starting to work in a large multinational corporation helped me fulfil my dream of living around the world.

I have lived in 8 countries across 4 continents and therefore have a good understanding of what it takes to effectively work and enjoy life across cultures.

I worked for large multinational corporations for 25 years from my mid-20s to my late 40s, active in many fields of Finance and Human Resources in fast-moving consumer goods industries and consultancy. In my latter corporate roles, I focused on leading business transformation journeys while helping individuals thrive in times of change. Throughout my journey in the corporate world, I gave a lot, learnt a lot, and had a lot of fun.

Accelerating Self-Discovery

By reflecting and pushing the boundaries of self-discovery I realized that while I was successful in many ways, my life wasn’t balanced. Essentially I never had time to do the things I wanted to do or to spend quality time with the people I love. Therefore in 2019 I left full-time employment in the corporate world to become self-employed.

Firstly, confronting demons from my childhood and a diagnosis of high-functioning autism helped me understand why certain things are hugely challenging for me. Secondly, practising yoga and meditation to release stress helped me realize the importance of spirituality in my life. Thirdly, I started to dedicate more time to others and realized that helping others makes me happy. Moreover, I slowed down the frenetic pace of my life and realized I could achieve more without the constant pressure. Overall, I started giving more… and found I received more.

self-discovery journey

Distilling Self-Discovery

My journey of self-discovery showed me that I am very driven, and always looking for new challenges. I inspire others to change and am in turn inspired by interacting with interesting and stimulating people who want to make a difference. Many people see me as a dreamer who aims for perfection, yet I accept that the practicalities of life sometimes mean settling for less. Importantly, I take a lot of pride in my achievements, and I put a huge amount of passion into everything I do. Overall, I don’t believe an easy life is worth living.

This is what you can expect from our interactions:

Speaking from the Heart

I am genuine in everything I say and do.

Intense Conversation

A fluid conversation which at times may be ‘as between friends’ while at others will feel rather uncomfortable.


A genuine interest in learning about you and in helping you. However, I will never be as caring about you as you should be about yourself.


A positive and encouraging demeanour, actively listening and often paraphrasing what you say.

Direct yet Empathetic

Being courageous and direct in saying what I believe needs to be said, while at the same time remaining empathetic towards you.


Being non-judgmental regarding your thoughts, words or behaviours.


Asking challenging yet non-directive questions to make you become more aware of yourself. In other words, I will be seeking to make you conscious of those limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Accepting Silence

Not being afraid of silence, and letting you navigate your own thoughts. Sometimes this may feel uncomfortable.


Focusing on outcomes developed through self-reflection, helping you ‘learn on the go’ rather than develop a full plan upfront. However, I will never be the expert on ‘you’ – that’s your job.

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