career coaching


Career coaching helps you make the most of your professional life while having a job you love.

As a coach, my role is to help you reflect through a series of conversations focused on exploring the importance of your career, challenging limiting beliefs which may hinder your career progress, and encouraging you to action.

These are some of the areas my clients focus career coaching on...

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Do you find you are constantly sacrificing your personal time to meet professional demands? Or perhaps you can never quite let go of work when you are not working? Learning to set boundaries, to yourself and to others, can help you find a better balance.

Managing Corporate Politics

Is your discomfort with corporate politics overshadowing your tangible achievements? Navigating corporate politics is as important as getting the job done. Learning how to be part of the system without compromising your values will make a difference.

Boosting Your Career

Are you disappointed with your career progression? Do you feel that your unquestionable successes are only partially recognized? Learning how to promote yourself in a non-aggressive way can help you up the ladder.

Moving On

Perhaps you are thinking of moving to another company? Or setting-up on your own? Or rebalancing your career towards your life purpose? Whatever it may be, preparing for the right moment will help you make the most of your move.

Avoiding Burnout

Is it all just becoming too much? Do you feel your life is no longer yours to live? Are you unable to deal with the stress of constant deadlines, long working hours and corporate politics? With a little coaching, you will feel the power you have to step back from the edge of the abyss.

This is what you can expect from career coaching with me...

Coaching Experience

I am a qualified coach with significant experience coaching in leadership roles within large multinational corporations. I have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching.

Corporate Experience

I worked for large multinational corporations for 25 years from my mid-20s to my late 40s. I was active in many fields of Finance and Human Resources. In my latter corporate roles, I focused on leading business transformation journeys while helping individuals thrive in times of change.


I know first hand the benefits and challenges of a corporate career. I understand the pressure it puts on you and those close to you. I can help you look at things from multiple perspectives to find solutions that work for you. I know what it takes to succeed while enjoying the journey.

Not completely happy with your career? Perhaps I can help through career coaching...

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