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Work-from-home was for a long time an unreachable dream for many. Yet now that many more people have to work from home, unexpected challenges are surfacing. Work-from-home coaching can help you address these challenges and take back control of your work-life balance while remaining productive.

As a coach, my role is to help you reflect and become more self-aware. I will achieve this through a series of conversations focused on exploring why working from home may be more difficult than it appears, challenging limiting beliefs which may hinder your sense that you are in control, and encouraging you to thoughtful and heartfelt action.

These are some of the areas my clients focus work-from-home coaching on...

Maintaining Productivity

Working from home is more productive for some people… and less productive for others. The reality is that where we work makes a difference to how we work. Assuming that working from home or at an office will produce the same results won’t help. Having a comfortable workspace, being free from interruptions, setting time for meetings or for individual focus, and setting daily goals all make sense. But they must be considered differently depending on where you work. Coaching can help you reflect on the nuances that apply to wherever you have to work from.

Finding Balance

Working from home inherently dilutes the boundaries between working and non-working time. While this may make sense for some people, for many it simply means more working time. Setting clear rules and expectations on when you work and when you dedicate time to different types of work is key. Perhaps you could even find a way to dedicate the time previously spent commuting to the office to trying something completely outside your comfort zone. Coaching can help establish these objectives for yourself and these boundaries with others more effectively.

Avoiding Online Fatigue

Working from home necessarily implies more time using technology to communicate. While you may know that online fatigue builds up over time, perhaps you perceive that you simply can’t do your job well without being online all the time. Coaching can help you decide which activities require full online presence, which only require occasionally checking-in, and which are best done offline… and then make sure other people understand and respect your approach.

Maintaining Work Relationships

Social interaction at work is for some people just a necessity to manage corporate politics. For other people, social interaction at work is a big part of maintaining emotional balance. And there are newly-hired people who need to integrate without ever going to the office. Whatever the driver, it’s easy to feel that you have lost something by working from home. And perhaps you have… but there are ways to compensate. Coaching can help you reflect on the importance of checking-in, staying in touch and reaching out to offer help in these times of increased virtual social interaction.

Developing Resilience

The nature of professional life implies for many people a significant need for developing resilience. Working from home has added a few new dimensions to this need. The overall uncertainty about the future, specific uncertainty about job continuity, and spending more time confined within a small space with a limited number of people all contribute to more stressful lives. Coaching can help you reflect on the triggers that lead to stress as well as actions to relieve pressure.

This is what you can expect from work-from-home coaching with me...

Coaching Experience

I am a qualified coach with significant experience coaching private individuals and leaders within large multinational corporations. I have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching.

Work-from-Home Experience

I am self-employed running small businesses, so I work from home most of the time. In the past, as part of my corporate roles, I frequently worked 'on the road' - in airports, on airplanes, at hotels. I understand the challenges of working from different locations... and the ways of making the most of changing working environments.


I live in a household with two working adults and two school-age children - all online at the moment! I know how easy it is to get frustrated with the constant noise, distractions, technology issues and unsympathetic people at the other end of the line. Through a balanced approach combining challenging you and showing heartfelt empathy, I can help you find the best work-from-home approach for you.

Challenged working from home? Perhaps I can help through work-from-home coaching...

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