Life Coaching

Become the best version of yourself.

Hi, I'm
Your life coach

What is coaching?

Life coaching is an assisted reflective practice which helps you reach your full potential. Life coaching can transform your life. Read more...

How does coaching help?

I can help you reflect on any aspect of your life: purpose, relationships, fears, confidence, motivation, career, work-life balance. Read more...

Getting Started

We start with a free initial consultation, online or face-to-face in Kraków. We then agree a program of coaching sessions to work together. Read more... 


Individual 60-minute coaching sessions cost 100 zł. A program of 6 x 90-minute sessions starts at 840 zł. 

How do I help you transform?

Free initial consultation

Free initial consultation, during which we will decide whether we want to enjoy part of our life journeys together. We must ‘feel a connection’ during this consultation, something on which we both believe we can build rapport to lead to trust.

Regular sessions

Regular sessions more often at first (usually 90 minutes every 2 weeks) and gradually less frequently (once a month up to once a quarter). These sessions will be a safe unrestricted space for you to be ‘100% you’ – the more you share openly the more I will be able to help you.

A mirror on yourself

I will share my understanding of what you share with me (verbally and non-verbally) often. I will be completely honest with what I see – at times you will be positively surprised and at others perhaps a little disappointed.

Ongoing support

You will be able to access me in-between sessions for short follow-up topics. You therefore have a channel to address small topics when they arise, not at our next scheduled session.

Accountability pressure

I can give you ‘homework’ to keep you on track with the goals you set yourself.