life balance self-assessment


Coaching self-assessment for your life journey

Starting with a life balance self-assessment is a good way to ensure joint awareness of how you perceive yourself. Every one of us is on a life journey, and your life journey has brought you to this point where you are considering coaching. You have some degree of awareness about aspects of your life that aren’t exactly what you want them to be. As we embark on a potential coaching relationship, it is important that I understand these aspects.

life balance self-assessment

Holistic life balance self-assessment

I believe that coaching should encompass all aspects of your life. This doesn’t mean that we should focus on all aspects of your life at the same time, it means we are aware of your level of satisfaction in each area.

The survey will ask you to rate your overall level of satisfaction in 25 dimensions grouped into 6 areas:


How you value yourself as the centre of your world.


How you position yourself with others.


How you love your body.


How you manage the material things in life.


How you enjoy your passions.


How you connect with something greater than yourself.

When completing the life balance self-assessment survey, take time to reflect on what your responses actually mean in the context of who you are and what you want from life. Occasionally this might mean that a spontaneous answer makes sense, more often though the question will initiate reflection that leads to increased awareness. Remember to be authentic in your answers: answer based on where you are now, not where you would like to be.

The results will be displayed in a ‘wheel of life’ format.

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