life coaching expectations


Setting life coaching expectations on what you will get and what you won't get from our relationship is important to foster better outcomes.

I will aim to have a positive tangible effect on you every time we speak, including during our initial consultation. I will maintain that goal throughout all our sessions, while being mindful of the broader transformational objectives you will gradually set for yourself. Together we will build the path to what you want your future to be.

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life coaching expectations

What You Will Get

These are the tangible deliverables you will get from our coaching journey:

Free initial consultation

Free initial consultation, during which we will decide whether we want to enjoy part of our life journeys together. We must ‘feel a connection’ during this consultation, something on which we both believe we can build rapport to lead to trust.

Regular sessions

Regular sessions more often at first (usually 90 minutes every 2 weeks) and gradually less frequently (once a month up to once a quarter). These sessions will be a safe unrestricted space for you to be ‘100% you’ – the more you share openly the more I will be able to help you.

A mirror on yourself

I will share my understanding of what you share with me (verbally and non-verbally) often. I will be completely honest with what I see – at times you will be positively surprised and at others perhaps a little disappointed.

Accountability pressure

I can give you ‘homework’ to keep you on track with the goals you set yourself.

What You Won't Get

Self-development with the help of a coach can be transformational, yet there are certain things it won’t give you:


Coaching isn’t a ‘silver bullet’. Nothing will happen without a desire to truly discover yourself, accept feedback from others, and work hard.

Ego massaging

I am there to help you, not to please you all the time – remember that when your ego is bruised.


I want to help you on your journey, not become the engine pulling you along the tracks of whatever path you decide to travel. I will help you broaden options and find answers within yourself. You will make the choices.


I will not babysit you. Our sessions will be futile if you systematically fail to follow the commitments you make.


I am not qualified to support you in any therapy needs. We will focus mostly on the future, although in some cases delving into the past might be helpful.

Support for Life

I believe in helping you become autonomous in transforming your life. For some people it takes 6 sessions, for others it takes more. But it will never take forever. I will be happy to stay in touch when our formal coaching relationship is over.

Do these life coaching expectations resonate with you?

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