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First Life Coaching Session - Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is our first coaching session at the same time. A potential coaching relationship between us starts with an introductory note from you covering your background, your life values, and your desire for coaching. I will respond to your note and we will arrange an initial meeting during which we will decide whether we want to start a coaching relationship. It will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to judge the chemistry between us. It will also give you an opportunity to sample what a full coaching session may feel like.

life coaching sessions

The following is a list of topics typically covered in the initial consultation:

Breaking the ice

I understand that you may not feel comfortable speaking of personal matters, let alone with someone who is still a stranger to you. We will engage in some social conversation (aka ‘small talk’) so we get to know each other a little as individuals before getting to know each other in a client-coach relationship.


We will review any information you have shared beforehand to understand broadly ‘why are you here?’ and ‘what’s not-quite-right in your life?’.


I will guide you through a self-assessment of your level of satisfaction with various aspects of your life. It will give us a tangible starting point and will generate motivation as we track progress going forwards. It may even reveal some hidden issues you weren’t aware of. We will both discuss the meaning of individual scores and consider a holistic view of your ‘life satisfaction’.


We will clarify what you expect to get from our coaching relationship. It could be an increase in life satisfaction overall, or perhaps in certain components. It could even be a tangible list of achievements.


We will discuss when, how often and where to speak/meet. We will also agree on fees/expenses and some simple rules for an effective client-coach relationship.

I am firm believer in ‘feeling a connection’ between people – without it, we will not start a coaching relationship.

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Regular Life Coaching Sessions

Following the initial consultation, I will propose a program covering a minimum of six coaching sessions to help you transform your life. The nature and flow of individual coaching sessions within this program will depend a lot on what we learn from each other during the initial consultation. Exploring new areas is also important, as long as we both feel that you are progressing towards achieving the goals you set for yourself.

life coaching sessions

As a guidance only, each session may touch on the following topics:

  • General update on ‘how’s life?’
  • Checking in on emotions or behaviours you have experienced/displayed since our last meeting.
  • Exploring new areas you may wish to focus on in coaching sessions.
  • Reviewing key actions you have taken to address goals you previously set yourself.
  • Having an in-depth discussion of achievements and obstacles you have encountered.
  • Agreeing on key actions for you to complete by the next time we meet (if you wish me to give you ‘homework’).

Remember that coaching is an assisted reflective practice – you set the agenda and flow of each session, not me.

Final Life Coaching Sessions

Once we have completed the program of six coaching sessions, it will be up to both of us to decide on next steps. I find that running a program over a short period of time, typically 2 months, is very effective in starting transformation. If you feel that I can support you in continuing that transformation, we will arrange a further program immediately. We may also agree to a follow-up conversation or a coaching session after a few months. It is important we both feel comfortable to reconnect when it feels right.

Occasionally a coaching program comes to a natural close earlier than originally planned, simply because people achieve what they set out to achieve before expected. This is a reason for celebration. We may use any remaining sessions within the program to cover any topic you like relating to coaching.

Rarely, our assessment of the chemistry between the two of us during the initial consultation is flawed, and we find out during our sessions that the relationship simply won’t work. It is important we both feel comfortable to raise this matter. I will endeavour to help you find another coach with whom there may be a better rapport.

Regardless of how our coaching relationship ends, I will always welcome your feedback on the coaching experience and my coaching approach. I may also ask you for a testimonial, written or on video, or for you to refer me to family and friends you feel may benefit from a coaching experience with me.

life coaching sessions

Does my approach to life coaching sessions 'feel right' to you?

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