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New Year Resolutions? Take a Leap of Faith…

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Forget elusive new year resolutions I have always counted myself among the large number of people who make resolutions to better themselves around this time of year. I’ve always known, of course, that the rate at which these so-called “new year resolutions” fail is high. Yet somehow I believed I would beat the odds and achieve all those elusive goals. …

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Power of Exploratory Talking

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Pushing beyond your comfort zone I am an introvert. While I love engaging conversations with people I know on topics I enjoy, I always find social interaction with strangers difficult. Polite social conversation, or ‘small talk’, is something I dread. Quite often, my inclination is to seek solitude and pursue my own interests undisturbed by ‘the need’ to talk to …

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Lost Art of Savouring

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As living beings, we eat because we have to. And as human beings we also have the capacity to appreciate what we eat. As the saying goes, “eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.” Yet have we lost the art of savouring? I am lucky and grateful to have 3 square meals a day. Yet until recently when …

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Happy at Work?

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What does happiness mean to you? Are you happy at work? Happiness is an implicit life purpose for most of us. We aspire to achieve this state of emotional wellbeing intuitively. Yet much research shows that many of us aren’t as happy as we wish to be, so perhaps we should be more intentional in our pursuit… Most of us …

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Slow Down to Speed Up

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For a long time I was purely action-driven. By which I mean unless I was doing something tangible and measurable every day, I would feel frustrated. Perhaps I have a natural inclination for short-term gratification, or perhaps my upbringing and corporate career pushed me in this direction. I gradually became addicted to the rush of achieving something, anything in fact. …