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Veja o que os meus clientes dizem sobre a experiência de coaching comigo (de forma a refletirem fielmente a intenção de quem as escreveu, as recomendações não foram traduzidas da língua inglesa em que foram escritas).
Michael Serwa - life coaching testimonials
“During my nearly decade-long career, I’ve met 100’s of coaches and got to mentor 10’s of them. Every now and then I come across someone who really stands out, in the sense that they possess the unique blend of intelligence, sensitivity, people skills, and raw coaching talent. Marcus is that coach. And I feel proud and privileged to call him both a client and a friend.”
Michael Serwa
Coach for the Elite michaelserwa.com
Daniel Parkinson - life coaching testimonials
“Marcus continuously demonstrates what I would want in a leader. Further in his one on one interactions, his strong mentoring and coaching ability and natural EQ supported what I needed to do in the current role, whilst preparing me for future challenges professionally as well as personally.”
Daniel Parkinson
Transformation Driver/Program Manager
Rachel Morax - life coaching testimonials
“A visionary leader is what comes to mind when I think of Marcus. I am impressed with Marcus’ leadership, motivating and encouraging teams through change. Marcus’ honest and professional nature will assure any client that takes him on as a coach!“
Rachel Morax
Manager Finance
Artur Zbikowski - life coaching testimonials
“I had a pleasure to work with Marcus on several high risk, high exposure business and organization transformation projects. He has exceptional leadership skills, and is recognized for his cultural sensitivity demonstrated across three continents. I particularly value Marcus’ relentless focus on people development and improvement. He nurtured an impressive number of talents, whom I see continuing to progress through the ranks.”
Artur Zbikowski
Director Finance
Lukasz Borowski - life coaching testimonials
“Marcus is a natural coach, whose coaching skills helped many people achieve difficult goals and find solutions for problems that at the first glance seemed to be unresolvable. His intelligence (also emotional one), ability to “join the dots” and his people skills guarantee that whomever works with Marcus or is coached by him will succeed.“
Lukasz Borowski
Reward Management Advisor
Ana Camusso - life coaching testimonials
What a great leader. I worked with Marcus and he constantly amazed me with his open and honest communication style and his ways to bring up the best in everyone. I learnt so much from him. In Marcus you will find a fantastic person with exceptional coaching and mentoring skills. I absolutely recommend him!
Ana Camusso
Manager Design & Delivery
“The coaching sessions with Marcus turn out to be one of the best decisions I took for my personal development. In just slightly over half of a year, I significantly improved my perspective on several dimensions of my life: work and personal relations, the way I perceive my body or finances, as well as finding & sticking to new habits that keep me on the track of having an increased level of happiness. It’s true his questions sometimes led me to uncomfortable realizations, however I now understand that these were the ones that brought the most impactful mindset changes in my life. That’s why I am particularly grateful even for the more challenging sessions we had. If you are ready to start the journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, I warmly recommend reaching out to Marcus to be your companion. His intuition to ask you the right question at the right moment is one of the key aspects that will support you along the road. This will be topped by genuine listening and care to support you find your way to your purpose. Bon voyage!“
Carmen Apăteanu-Sedia
Finance Professional

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